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Meringue Pudding

There are a lot of recipes in my Grandmother’s books which use egg yolks, “tocino de cielo” which is a rich egg yolk flan, “Yemitas” which are like truffles only made with egg yolks and sugar, these were traditionally made around Christmas time at least back then, as they called for more “expensive” ingredients. It […]


Pirinaca – Summer Salad

This was my Grandfather’s favourite summer salad. He absolutely had this nearly every day. I remember he would sit and prep the vegetables in my Grandmother’s kitchen whilst my grandmother would be busy with other chores, and every now and then he would eat some of the salad and get told off by my grandmother, […]


Olivier’s Salad – Ensaladilla Rusa

Probably every home in Gibraltar has their own version of this versatile and easy to make salad. My Grandmother was not going to be an exception! The traditional Salad did not have peas incorporated into it, and neither did it have olives, but as with everything in life, we tend to adopt and adapt things […]


Baked Artichokes

Would you believe this recipe is over a hundred years old? My grandmother called this recipe “las alcachofas de mi madre” which translates to “My mother’s Artichokes”. So yes, this recipe is quite old, in fact I had to enlist a friends help when trying to decipher her recipe as most of the main ingredients […]

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Baked Stuffed Courgettes (Calabacines Rellenos)

These little courgette bites are a Gibraltarian traditional dish. Every household has their own version, which will range from adding spices to titillate¬† your taste-buds, through to a completely vegetarian option. Whichever, I can guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised by the taste of these little boats filled with goodness. My version, once again, […]

Leek and Potato Soup

Leek and Potato Soup

A nutritious soup to help warm your stomach on a cold winters night.

Hot or Cold Breaded chicken is a tasty morsel either way

Breaded Chicken

Breaded chicken is a family favorite, and a staple growing up in any Gibraltarian home. I’d also stake my reputation that before the advent of so many takeways, or online deliviery services, breaded chicken was also the absolute favourite for local families picnicing on the beach.

Grandma's Old Fashioned Chicken Soup

Grandma’s Old Fashioned Chicken Soup

This version of my grandmother’s chicken soup, is not left to simmer for a couple of hours on the hob as she did, but rather cooked in a pressure cooker where your ingredients will cook in just about an hour.

Boquerones Rellenos - Stuffed Anchovy Fillets

Boquerones Rellenos – Stuffed Anchovy Fillets

This is another of those versatile recipes which are great eaten hot or cold, and can either be served at the kitchen table, or packed and served at a picnic.

King Prawns in Garlic Sauce

King Prawns in Garlic Sauce

This King prawn recipe is extremely versatile, you can marinade the prawns for about an hour before grilling or barbecuing, or you can follow the steps below and cook the prawns in your oven.

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