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Pumpkin Cake

As traditions go, this cake is a slice of history. I can’t imagine that life during the second world war or after could have been easy for my family. My grandmother was separated from her husband and sent to Madeira during the war, where she had to look after her father, four children and a […]


Corn flour Cake

Who would have known that my grandmother had a gluten free cake in her recipes? I remember sitting on the beach sipping tea and having slices of this cake whilst surrounded by my family, or at least my brother and cousins, whilst the setting sun cast a shadow over our little piece of beach heaven. […]


Apple Crumble

I think its fair to say that every household in Gibraltar has a recipe for Apple crumble or some sort of other fruit crumble. It must have been one of the easiest desserts to make, plus because seasonal fruit was used, it would have been a very economic recipe to help stretch the weekly wages […]

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Lely’s Cake – Crunchy Almond Cake

This is a really beautiful tasty cake, and well worth the little effort you need to take to make it. I called it Lely’s cake, as Lely is what we all used to call my Grandmother, and since her recipe book called this cake “my almond cake” I’ve very suitably (I think) named it after […]


Jam tarts

This traditional recipe is usually prepared as an Easter treat in Gibraltar. This particular version is a very very old recipe handed down to each generation, and comes from Catalan Bay the quaint fishing village I was raised in.  With generations of Italian heritage, this traditional Crostata is one of the best I have ever […]


Lemon Blueberry Muffins

My grandmother used to make these lemon muffins or “Madalenas” as she called them very regularly. I think they were my grandfather’s favourite, and I even remember my mum trying her hand at them. Blueberries were my addition, after having gone through what I call my “Nigella” phase. Whether you choose to add the blueberries […]


Chocolate Chip Cookies

This recipe’s origin was never that of a chocolate chip cookie, at least I don’t think my grandmother ever used it in this way. Her original recipe was for a plain crumbly nut biscuit which I seem to recall eating when I was young.

Erin's Carrot Cake

Erin’s Carrot Cake

This recipe is a merged version of an old Betty Crocker recipe and a version given to me by a colleague several years ago. Erin’s mum asked me to make this cake for her birthday, so I spruced it up a bit and decorated it more in lines with the occasion and ended up with the cover photo version.

Lemon Drizzle Cake

Lemon Drizzle Cake

This recipe is and revamped version of the lemon pound cake my grandmother used to make.


Jessica’s Chocolate Cake

I call this cake Jessica’s Chocolate Cake as that is what my sons and their friends used to request whenever we had a children’s Party or general gathering.

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