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Lentil Stew

This Spanish-style lentil stew is easy to make with very simple ingredients. Once again my grandmother’s recipe comes to the rescue, and although she added Chorizo and Morcilla ( blood pudding) to hers, I more often than not omit them and proceed to make up the vegetarian option. It never ceases to amaze me how […]


Banana Bread

Banana Bread is the perfect afternoon tea bread- whether its at the pool, beachside, or simply at your kitchen table, you can’t go wrong with this delicious and moist loaf.


Lemonade Scones

Perfect scones recipe, ideal for afternoon teas (at the beach).


Quick no rise bread

I love baking bread. It’s one of the things I find most comfort in. The rhythmic kneading of the dough, the delight of smelling baking bread, and the pleasure of eating warm bread lathered in butter, hmmm, there are very little things that can replace the comfort of homemade food. This recipe – as are […]


Chicken in a creamy spinach sauce

Although Chicken and Spinach were a staple in my grandmother’s kitchen, I can’t  honestly say that this recipe is based on one of hers. More so, I think this dish came about in an “what do I have in my fridge to cook” scenario, and has since evolved into the yummy goodness it is today. […]


Lely’s Easter Biscuits

I think that one of the things we most like as kids is eating biscuits and dunking them in milk. I remember eating biscuits nearly every day, more so in the summer months when we habitually had tea on the beach. Nothing beats the taste of tea at the beach , actually there really is […]


Chicken Liver Pate

I love Pate. It’s so easy to prepare, and once you try this recipe I can assure you, you won’t go back to the store bought version. A couple of minutes of prep, and then you sail along preparing this dish. This recipe is old and although I can never remember my Grandmother making this, […]



Pesto is such an easy and versatile sauce to have in your culinary collection. Simply blitz Basil, Pine nuts, Garlic, Parmesan and oil in a food processor, add  a little lemon juice, adjust seasoning and voila! you have the basis for many a great dish. Add it to some pasta, spoon it over some grilling […]

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Cosy warm and Nutritious Butternut Squash Soup. Perfect for the chilly Autumnal nights (or days!).


Chicken in Garlic Sauce – Pollo al Ajillo

This Chicken dish, is probably a staple in every Gibraltarian household. However, as with so many other recipes, we tend to add and adapt ingredients to suit our own personal tastes. What can I say!  this is the way we do things in Gibraltar. As is the common theme with the majority of these recipes […]

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