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Challah Bread

This is a delicious bread to make, and definitely a showstopper on your table. My version is a six strand braid but a real easy one to do, I swear, all you have to do is braid consistently and take it nice and slow. You can not go wrong. As for the taste of this […]


Easy Crusty Bread

My recipes are usually pretty simple both to make and follow, but this recipe is almost 100% foolproof. You’ll need a Dutch oven or a sealable deep Pyrex dish and your good to go. There are two ways to make this bread, either mix all ingredients the night before and once incorporated leave to rise […]


Banana Bread

Banana Bread is the perfect afternoon tea bread- whether its at the pool, beachside, or simply at your kitchen table, you can’t go wrong with this delicious and moist loaf.


Quick no rise bread

I love baking bread. It’s one of the things I find most comfort in. The rhythmic kneading of the dough, the delight of smelling baking bread, and the pleasure of eating warm bread lathered in butter, hmmm, there are very little things that can replace the comfort of homemade food. This recipe – as are […]


Focaccia Bread – Perfect for Dipping

This Focaccia  recipe has been in my family for quite a while. I remember my grandmother baking bread very often. So this was probably one of the recipes she used. I also remember my grandfather using this type of bread to soak up any sauces, juices etc. By the time he finished, my grandfather’s plate […]

Simple Everyday Loaf

Simple Everyday Loaf

As with the majority of my recipes this one originated in my grandmother’s copy book, and used ingredients like lard and fresh yeast which I have exchanged for “healthier” versions which have also decreased preparation and proving time.

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